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SCARAB Manufacturing

With over 370 machines placed in successful service, we feel that SCARAB's international reputation as the true pioneer and undisputed industry leader in windrow composting technology is well deserved. SCARAB continues to be the standard by which all of the others are measured in terms of efficiency, durability and simplicity of operation.

For 30 years, SCARAB Manufacturing and Leasing, Inc. has been producing the patented windrow composting machines designed to meet the ever increasing need for safe, efficient methods for reduction of the waste stream. The windrow composting system provides both immediate and long term solutions to today's crisis in organic waste management.

Composting the organic contents of the waste stream not only reduces the strain on the landfills, but also results in a valuable soil conditioner that may be applied to municipal lands, such as parks or golf courses; may be used for potting soils, lawns, or in forestry; or, in some cases, may be used as a soil amendment in agriculture.

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Large-scale windrow turner

Scarab’s largest windrow turner model is a 27 x 11 model (27-foot tunnel width by 11-foot tunnel height) and is one of the biggest in production in the world. Units are available with track drive or wheel drive, with standard flail drum and auger style sizes from 32 inches to 66 inches (OD), and horsepower from 385 hp to 630 hp. Six-foot to 18-foot models are also available.  

New cab for compost turners

Scarab Manufacturing’s new windrow turner cab is designed to be roomy and quiet, and offers a panoramic view of the operation at hand, which is further enhanced by the addition of cameras and a monitor. The new cab features a bent glass design for better visibility and incorporates three cameras mounted on the back of the machine, which allows operators better view of turner performance via a monitor inside the cab.
Scarab also recently introduced a new toe-to-toe design that allows operators to place windrows adjacent to each other. A redesigned track assembly utilizes narrower tracks with a scrapper attached, which allows operators to minimize the space between windrows. Placing windrows toe-to-toe allows for more pad site on which to compost.

New cab design heads up innovations for 2009

Scarab has introduced several new products and upgrades in 2009. Their new cab design is roomy and quiet and offers a panoramic view of operations which is further enhanced by the addition of cameras and monitor. Scarab has also reintroduced their large, paddle flailed auger style drum and combined it with the latest belt driven technologies to give operators an extremely fuel efficient turner. Scarab’s new pad saver model utilizes narrower tracks with scrappers to allow operators to place their windrows toe-to-toe on their pad site. Plus, a new 27-foot by 11-foot back out model is specifically designed to operate with aerated windrow systems that have a large concrete structure at one end of the windrow.

Custom-built turners

SCARAB builds each straddle-type win-drow turner to customer specifications, based on site restrictions, materials, pad site construction, compost markets and business goals, by matching up the frame, drum design, engine, drive system and other components. Frame options vary from 8- to 24-feet wide, and Tier III engines are made by Cummins, Cat, Deere or Detroit Diesel and vary in power from 80 to 630 hp. Both hydraulic and belt-driven machines are available, as well as a patented independent suspension and track design which “floats” across terrain changes and minimizes the wear and tear inherent in fixed-track designs. Shown above is a unit with an 18-foot by seven-foot, hydraulic drum drive, and 540-hp CAT engine with D5 CAT tracks.

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