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With over 370 machines placed in successful service, we feel that SCARAB's international reputation as the true pioneer and undisputed industry leader in windrow composting technology is well deserved. SCARAB continues to be the standard by which all of the others are measured in terms of efficiency, durability and simplicity of operation.

For 30 years, SCARAB Manufacturing and Leasing, Inc. has been producing the patented windrow composting machines designed to meet the ever increasing need for safe, efficient methods for reduction of the waste stream. The windrow composting system provides both immediate and long term solutions to today's crisis in organic waste management.

Composting the organic contents of the waste stream not only reduces the strain on the landfills, but also results in a valuable soil conditioner that may be applied to municipal lands, such as parks or golf courses; may be used for potting soils, lawns, or in forestry; or, in some cases, may be used as a soil amendment in agriculture.

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