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Manufacturers since 1913, Rehrig Pacific molds a full range of Roll-out Carts from 65 liters through 95 gallons, Recycle Bins and Round Cans for the curbside collection of household and organic waste and recyclables. In addition, Rehrig provides Commercial Containers and Public Litter Containers to collect residential, municipal and commercial waste and recyclables.

Rehrig’s Environmental Services Group offers a number of cost-reducing and income producing programs for cities and haulers. Our proprietary web-based Container Management Program (C.A.R.T.S.) handles customer requests, schedules work orders, tracks container assets and manages cart inventories and warranties. Beginning with an accurate Route Audit to integrate customers and containers using bar codes and RFID tags, our program provides several benefits including:

  • Confirm current and potential customers
  • Identify non–paying customers
  • Timely response to service requests
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improve route efficiency
  • Extended useful life of your container inventory
  • Reduced container replacement costs

Rehrig can also provide Assembly & Distribution and sustainable Mobile Container Washing services.   Rehrig Pacific has a large direct sales force and manufacturing locations strategically located across North America to offer the finest customer support available in the industry today. With factories in the East, Central and Western USA and Mexico, Rehrig offers timely delivery and the lowest available freight rates to all of our customers. Rehrig leads the industry in product warranties and cost-effective replacement and buy-back programs for cities and haulers whose carts have outlived their warranty periods.

95 Gallon Nestable Metal Catch Bar Cart

ROC-95NB Roll-out Carts are designed for both automated and semi-automated collection of household waste and recyclables.  Injection molded with premium quality, resilient, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, Rehrig Roll-out Carts are designed to provide many years of quality service and look good at the curb in virtually any neighborhood or climate found in North America.  ROC-95NB Roll-out Carts have a freely rotating metal catch bar and will fully nest with the catch bar factory installed.

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​Rehrig Pacific names intern of the year as part of EREF initiative

Rehrig Pacific Company has funded the company’s first named internship for the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF). EREF’s Data & Policy Program (D&P) was developed as part of the foundation’s efforts to expand its mission to advance knowledge and education for sustainable solid waste management. The primary objective of the D&P is to aggregate and analyze solid waste data. The program also provides valuable experience to undergraduate and graduate students who assist in data gathering and analysis. To date, 16 students have completed internships in the program, 81% of whom have gone on to work in the solid waste industry or related careers.

Rehrig’s new EnviroGuard organics cart includes rodent-resistant advanced locking mechanism

At Waste Expo in June, Rehrig Pacific Company introduced the new Enviro- Guard 32-gallon/120-litre organics roll-out cart. “Since the recent award from the City of Toronto for 500,000 organics carts, there was a lot of positive feedback and interest from the industry,” said Dustin DePanfilis, senior director of business development for Rehrig Pacific.

Joint marketing and sales agreement makes Rehrig Pacific exclusive provider for Dumpster Mate Enclosure System

Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading supplier of roll-out carts and commercial containers to the waste and recycling collection industry, and Dumpster Mate, Inc., of Raleigh, NC, manufacturer of the unique Dumpster Mate Enclosure System, have announced a joint marketing and sales agreement effective as of the beginning of February.  

Improving customer service and increasing revenue opportunity in the solid waste industry

Most modern municipalities who manage their waste and recyclables, or the companies who manage it for them, understand the opportunity to treat a significant portion of their waste stream as a valuable and profitable resource. Both economic and environmental factors are pushing the waste management industry to use better technology and solutions to improve customer service, reduce costs, increase revenues and improve sustainability. 

Rehrig Pacific Company receives C2Logix’s “Valued Partner Award”

Rehrig Pacific Company, a market leader in logistics & supply chain management, reusable transport packaging, asset tracking solutions and environmental waste & recycling collection containers, recently received the 2011 C2Logix’s Valued Partner Award. Rehrig Pacific was presented with the honor of C2Logix’s 2011 Valued Partner Award during this year’s Waste Expo Show, May 1-3, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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This 40 litre (10.5 Gallon) Collection Cart is designed for organic kitchen waste or other recyclables, and features an attractive tilt and roll design with a rotating handle, as well as a compact size for easy transport and convenient storage. Units are pre-assembled, well balanced and have no internal catch points. They are designed with multiple grab areas for easy manual dumping, have four ground contact points for extra stability, are highly nestable, and use a locking, hinged lid.


The 401 container for food waste collection is a lightweight tilt and roll bin featuring a handle that is designed 32 inches from the ground for easy manoeuvrability and safety against back injury for users. The 32-inch height, according to the company, allows 95 percent of Canadian users to tilt and roll bins without putting their back in a posture which may cause injury. Plus, with a lighter weight, these bins are designed to be more usable by the elderly and other residents who should not be lifting bins weighing between 20 and 40 pounds.


After years of one choice for collecting household organics in Ontario Cities, the City of Hamilton has recently implemented a cart system with two size bins. This spring residents received a choice of bins, a 120 litre (32 gallon) cart, collected with an automatic arm, or the new 40l organic bin manufactured by the Rehrig Pacific Company, which is collected manually. All 166,000 residents also received a Rehrig 9l kitchen bin.