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REM - Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, INC.

Address 373 Shannon Lane/ PO BOX 310, Priest River, ID, 83856, US
Phone 208-448-4736
Fax 208-448-1736
Email [email protected]

Company Description:

Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the recycling industry since 1978. Our comitted employees are here to serve your needs for the life of your machine and beyond. We have over seven thousand machines in operation in the U.S. and Canada, as well as equipment in several countries overseas. Our success in this industry is due to our straight-forward designs, attention to detail, and a sincere desire to assist recyclers and processors with their equipment needs.

Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. produces a full line of crushing, conveying and separation machinery for use in all industries. Our products include crushers for used beverage containers and steel/tin cans, magnetic separator/conveyors, large in feed conveyors, overhead magnetic conveyors, glass breakers and plastic perforators. We also build conveyors, to our customer specifications for handling and processing heavy duty scrap applications, cans, glass containers, paper and any number of assorted products.

Recycling Equipment Manufacturing understands your needs when it comes to equipment for your scrap or recycling facility. This is why Recycling Equipment Manufacturing is staying ahead of the industry in offering our customers top-of-the-line, modern equipment that will last in any application.

All Recycling Equipment Manufacturing equipment is manufactured in our state of the art facility in Priest River, Idaho, USA. This allows us to maintain the most rigid control standards. All equipment is shop assembled and test operated prior to shipping to assure trouble-free installation and start-up on site. Recycling Equipment Manufacturing is well known in several industries for providing rugged and reliable equipment that is specifically designed for the application.


HV Perf Conveyor Feed

HV Perf Bulk Feed


Oscar Steel Hinge Pan

In-ground Oscar Baler Feed Combo Belt

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