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MRT System

Address Lumavägen, Karlskrona, 371 47, SE
Phone +46 455 30 28 70
Fax +46 455 30 28 79
Email [email protected]

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Separation plant for fluorescent lamps

MRT’s Compact Crush and Separation Plant is a unique and self-contained processing system for the recycling of all types of discarded fluorescent lamps. This space-saving plant is easy to install, relocate, and the concept creates operating conditions which meet the toughest environmental standards. The entire system is enclosed in a 20-foot container, in which the air is brought to sub-pressure. This prevents mercury from being released into the environment, as the exhaust air is constantly discharged through internal carbon filters. Plants are fully automatic, easy to operate and have a proven capacity which reaches over 2,000 lamps (tubes) per hour, depending on tube length. Units weigh five tons, require at least 60 square metres of floor space, and are equipped with a complete safety system as well as a display for reviewing performance data and alarm functions.