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Crysteel Manufacturing

52182 Ember Road
Lake Crystal, MN
US, 56055

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Crysteel MFG. founder Eldon Jones passes away at 90

Founder Eldon Jones

Inventor, engineer and businessman Eldon D. Jones has passed away at the age of 90. Jones was the founder of dump body and hoist manufacturer Crysteel Manufacturing in Lake Crystal, MN, and the inventor of one of the most recognized pieces of equipment in the dump body industry, the Lo-Boy hoist. The Lo-Boy hoist design went on to become the industry standard for truck hoists, and based on that product, Jones and his wife, Helen, founded Crysteel Manufacturing in 1969. A year later, a Small Business Administration loan allowed them to open the Crysteel Manufacturing facility in Lake Crystal, MN. In 1980, the company began manufacturing dump bodies based on Jones’ designs.

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