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Builtrite Manufacturing

Address 530 Recycle Center Drive, Two Harbors, MN, 55616, US
Phone 218-834-5555
Fax 218-834-5556
Email [email protected]

Company Description:

Builtrite Manufacturing designs and manufactures Builtrite branded, stationary electric material handlers, truck mounted material handlers and attachments for a wide variety of industries, including scrap handling, automobile dismantling, solid waste handling, electrical utility construction, pipeline construction, etc. Each one of our machines is designed specifically for the application to maximize production, safety and efficiency. Our stationary electric material handlers are proven to be much more efficient than their diesel operated counterpart, cutting operational and maintenance costs by 60% or more.  

Model 6500-SE Stationary Electric Material Handler loading high volume shredder
Model 2100-SE Stationary Electric Material Handler unloading pipe from trailer
Model 2200-TM Truck Mounted Loader for use in pipeline and electrical transmission line construction and general construction
Auto Dismantling Grapple pulling an engine
Model 4TSG-125 Orange Peel Grapple with narrow spades handling mixed grade scrap.
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Builtrite Holdings, LLC acquires Lemco Hydraulics

Builtrite Holdings, LLC has acquired Lemco Hydraulics on October 12. Lemco, founded in 1967 by Dean Christensen, has continuously served its long-term and valued customer base for 51 years. Dean's son, Bruce Christensen, assumed ownership of the company in 1982, and will continue to serve as Lemco's President. 

Builtrite and SAS Forks announce strategic alliance at ISRI 2017

TJM Capital Parners, through Builtrite Holdings, LLC, has announced its investment in SAS of Luxemburg, Ltd, as of April 4, 2017. SAS Forks, a leading producer of auto dismantlers, processors and material handling attachments, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Builtrite Holdings, and will continue to operate from its manufacturing facility located in Luxemburg, Wisconsin. Paul Secker, son of the company’s founder, will continue to serve as SAS’ president and the company will work in alliance with Two Harbors, Minnesota-based Builtrite Manufacturing, sister company to SAS Forks and also a wholly owned subsidiary of Builtrite Holdings.

TJM Capital Partners Announces the Acquisition of Builtrite Handlers

TJM Capital Partners has announced, the acquisition of Builtrite Handlers from Northshore Manufacturing. The business will operate under a new name, Builtrite Manufacturing, and will continue to design and manufacture the brand’s market leading material handler and attachment products. All administrative and manufacturing operations will remain in Two Harbors, MN in a facility leased from Northshore.

Stationary Electric Handler Combined With Auto Dismantling System

Northshore Manufacturing has introduced a highly efficient means of totally dismantling automobiles, by combining the company’s most popular stationary electric material handler/excavator (the Builtrite model 2100-SE) with its proven Auto Dismantling System. This combination is designed to recoup non-ferrous metals from end of life vehicles, including metals found in engines, transmissions, wiring harnesses, radiators, heater cores, and air conditioning units.

7.5-cubic-metre, 6-tine orange peel grapple

Northshore Manufacturing recently announced the latest product to its line up, the massive 6TSG-1000 Orange Peel Grapple. Weighing just over 25,000 pounds, this grapple is fully self contained. The body houses a five-cylinder, air cooled, Deutz diesel engine, as well as the hydraulic tank, hydraulic pump and fuel tank. The 6TSG-1000 can be operated via a single cable line and is opened and closed via radio remote control, making it easy for a crane operator to also operate the grapple.

Dismantling system

The Builtrite Auto Dismantling System is designed to quickly and efficiently dismantle autos, readying them for a car crusher or shredder. The Hold Down Arms on this system are mounted directly to the excavator’s main frame, operate off the undercarriage drive circuit, and include a pair of large bore, high pressure cylinders, capable of applying enough force to crush and hold automobiles in place.  

Northshore introduces largest stationary electric material handler

The newest and largest member of Northshore’s lineup of stationary electric material handlers, the Builtrite Model 6500-SE, weighs in at 103,000 pounds. The 6500-SE has a 20.4-metre (67-foot) horizontal reach, a fabricated boom using high tensile steel, high pressure hydraulics (310 Bar / 4,500 PSI) and high flow for fast cycle times and greater lift capacity (6,075 Kg /13,364 lbs. at full reach without attachment.)   

2100-SE Stationary Electric Material Handler upgraded

In 2011, Northshore Manufacturing announced enhancements to its Builtrite model 2100-SE Stationary Electric Material Handlers.  Enhancements include a more energy efficient, 75-hp electric motor, a new cab featuring better visibility and more room, a more powerful heater and air conditioning system, as well as a modular power unit capable of being machine mounted or floor mounted, depending upon the application and customer preference. New, large access doors also allow for excellent accessibility. Plus, a threefold increase in hydraulic oil cooling capability, using a 20-hp motor, allows these units to work more efficiently in hotter climates and reduces premature cylinder seal, gasket, hose and other rubber component wear.  

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