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Neptune Automated Wheel Wash Systems opens new Canadian branch

With a business expansion strategy targeting high growth markets, Neptune USA, a leading manufacturer of automated wheel wash systems, has announced the opening of its new Canadian branch headquartered in Vancouver. Heavy equipment industry veteran Kevin Steinke is appointed as marketing and sales manager.  

Portable wheel wash

IES’ Neptune MAX II Series Automated Wheel Wash System is a self-contained, portable wheel wash that delivers two full tire revolutions of cleaning power. The unit’s wash platform and water recycling tank are designed to be used above-ground, with the addition of 16-foot ramps, and the structure of the wheel wash unit itself is self-supporting and serves as the water channels for the system, so there is no piping through the washing platform.   

Wheel wash solution is highly compact and portable

Innovative Equipment Solutions (IES) has introduced a new super compact and highly portable wheel wash solution. The Tracinator is a one-tire revolution dirt removal system for light conditions, or for usage where a complete, heavier duty wheel wash system is not practical or budgeted. Ideal for mobile operators, or short-term projects, The Tracinator is designed to flush itself clear of debris by simply attaching a two-inch hose from a water truck or fire hydrant, and placing the clean-out valve in the open position.

Automated wheel wash

The Neptune series of fully automated, drive-through wheel wash systems can be configured with one, two, or three-tire revolutions of cleaning to eliminate site trackout. Units feature concrete- or galvanized-steel-sidewall construction, and are highly suitable to either permanent or temporary installations. All models are engineered with a fully automated, closed-loop water recycling and solids separation process and tank.

Portable, automated wheel wash solution

The Maximus Series of portable, automated wheel wash systems is ideal for eliminating trackout onsite, and is an entirely above-ground system, which can be assembled, attached to power and water, and ready to operate in just hours. The Maximus features a fully automated, closed-loop water recycling and solids separation process and is constructed to withstand heavy traffic.