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Baling to boost revenue

Running a recycling program in a large residential building can be a labour-intensive and space-consuming process. Take cardboard recycling: unlike single-family homes with curbside pickup, a large apartment building can accumulate hundreds of boxes each week, which can quickly overwhelm maintenance and storage areas.  The Orion, a luxury condominium on West 42nd Street in New York City, found a simple solution – compacting and baling its boxes.   

New vertical balers introduced

Three new vertical baler models have been introduced by Orwak: the 3210, 3410 and 3810. The Orwak 3210 (shown) is designed as a small and efficient front-loaded baler with a 13 second cycle time and capacity up to 80 kg for cardboard and 100 kg for plastic. Units will handle shrink-wrap, shredded paper, paper bags and sacks, plastic bags, both plastic and steel strapping, as well as food and paint cans. Press force is 12 tons, and the 3210 produces bales of 31-inch by 24-inch by 23-inch (depth/ width/height). Bale weights vary from 176 pounds for cardboard up to 220 pounds for shrink-wrap and plastic. The Orwak 3410 front-loaded baler is equipped with a “latch and wheel” door lock for safer door opening, an autostart function, and a sliding door that opens automatically after each cycle. Capacity is up to 300 kg for cardboard and 450 kg for plastic.