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New Ice Inc.

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Compostable food packaging option is on the horizon

New Ice is set to introduce a new class of biodegradable food and beverage containers that are compostable. Targeted to packagers of produce, meats and poultry that want to minimize the environmental impact of their packaging, the company has applied for process patents covering a unique potato starch formulation that replaces environmentally harmful plastic and Styrofoam food container products. The products are being designed to conform to ASTM 6400 standards for com-postable materials. “We have spent the last six years researching and developing a new class of products that will revolutionize the entire life cycle for compostable food containers,” says Giles Instone, New Ice founder. “Although product availability is still a few months off, we want to introduce ourselves to the market to make food packagers, supermarket buyers and food service providers aware that a new alternative packing option is on the horizon.”