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Olympic Wire and Equipment

Address P.O. Box 3227, Newport Beach, CA, 92659, US
Phone 949.646.9731
Fax 949.660.9805
Email [email protected]

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Baling wire

Olympic baling wire features a tensile strength of 66,000 PSI, with 26 percent elongation, is available in 10,11, and 12-gauge, 100-pound coils, with 36 coils per pallet, is packaged in plastic, and lightly coated with oil. Available wire includes Black Annealed Strapping Wire, Galvanized Strapping Wire, Palletized 100-pound Box Wire – Precision wound – Auto-Tie Wire, and Single Looped Bale Ties.

Styrofoam recycling machine

The RUNI den-sifier is a Danish-designed innovative recycling solution that is able to densify all types of Polystyrene(styrofoam), including EPS and EPP. It also can densify PET bottles, ALU cans, PE film (polyethylene) and various other materials. Compacted at a ratio of 50 to 1, compacted square blocks are 19 pounds per cubic foot and easily stacked and handled on pallets.

New machine recycles styrofoam into usable product

The Runi is a new machine built in Denmark that is specifically designed to recycle polystyrene (styrofoam) into a usable product. The Runi removes the air to condense it at a 50 to 1 ratio, and at 19 pounds per cubic foot, the compacted material is easily handled on pallets at the weight of 300-400 kg/m3. The recycled, condensed styrofoam can then be sold to buyers such as Timbron, a Northern California manufacturing company who is currently using it to make crown moulding for home construction.