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Aspectrics, Inc.

Address 3033 Gold Canal Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670, US
Phone 916 638-4944
Fax 916 635-8458
Email [email protected]

Aspectrics began in 2004 to develop and manufacture a new generation of on-line and remotely deployable process monitoring instruments based on a patented, breakthrough technology that the company describes as EP-IR (Encoded Photometric Infra-Red).

An opportunity exists for EP-IR to replace Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR), Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and gas chromatographic technologies currently used for process monitoring and environmental applications. EP-IR is faster than traditional (FT-IR) systems, provides more information than an (NDIR) system, and does not require consumables like a process based GC.

The company is now shipping production systems, and presently has installations at multiple sites spanning a range of industries.

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Aspectrics, Inc. unveils the novel EP-NIR 2750 and the innovative EP-NIR 2750i bio-fuels analyzers. The additions further extend the Aspectrics range of EP-NIR analyzers developed to respond to scientists’ needs working in process, biofuels, ambient air monitoring, stack gas analysis and speciality gases industries. Aspectrics’ EP-NIR biofuel analyzers feature an ultra fast scanning rate of 100 scans/second while achieving an impressive spectral range of 128 photometric channels and enables users to monitor their processes in real time. Aspectrics’ packages include a multi-component spectrometer, instrument control and data processing software as well as an optimized sampling accessory or method development bench. Encoded photometric infrared (EP-IR) spectroscopy is a breakthrough for the process monitoring industry, providing ultra fast sampling capability (100 Hz) for multi-component analysis in a rugged design.