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Pequea Machine, Inc.

200 Jalyn Drive
P.O. Box 399
New Holland, PA
US, 17557

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Premium chippers built for value and durability

Premium chippers built for value and durability

Pequea offers the Champion CX300 , CX500 and CX800 series of premium wood chippers. These units are ideal for commercial use by municipalities, landscapers and land owners for grounds maintenance. Champion’s patented double-belt drive system design achieves high-speed performance without demanding a lot of horsepower, and a unique high-speed rotor design – traditionally a feature of commercial engine-drive chippers – maximizes the power and efficiency of all models. Champion’s tractor-driven chippers increase the power takeoff (PTO) speed from 540 rpm to between 1,350 and 1,700 rpm, depending on the model. Plus, an over-centre clutch provides constant pressure against the belts to ensure that they are never out of adjustment.

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