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Supreme International Ltd.

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Organic material processors

Supreme Envi-ro-Processors are available in truck or tractor-pulled, truck- mounted and stationary models, and are designed to cut and blend organic materials consistently, and with typical blending times of less than five minutes. Units hold from six to over 37 cubic metres and are equipped with one or twin augers, in sizes from 300 cubic-foot to 1,400 cubic-foot capacities. The 50-hp 300 model is the smallest unit, holding up to eight cubic yards, and is capable of processing more than 400 cubic yards of material in an eight hour period.

Vertical processor

ENVIRO series processors are designed using high grade components and can be manufactured in stationary, pull-type or mobile truck mounted models, and in sizes ranging from 300 cubic feet up to 1,400 cubic feet. The model 900 T stationary EnviroProcessor (shown) is a vertical auger mixer capable of debagging and blending organic materials with a bulking agent in one motion, and still allows plastic to be screened out of finished material. The ENVIRO series provides operators with the ability to cut and blend various organic waste materials such as green waste, vegetable waste, biosolids, mortalities and wood waste in any combination. The result is a thorough and accurate mixture with a consistent and even distribution of moisture and porous materials throughout the entire mix. This results in a quicker composting process and more consistent finished product.