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Quad Plus

Address 1919 Cherry Hill Rd, Joliet, IL, 60433, US
Phone 219) 554-6786
Fax 815-724-2374
Email [email protected]

Quad Plus is an electrical system integrator providing innovation to the recycling industry for more than a decade. Quad Plus provides industrial control systems, solutions and services. We offer an uncompromising level of service and expertise to maintain our customers’ productivity. From an Electrical Install to complete Turnkey System Integration, our extensive process knowledge is supported by sound electrical design capabilities with a dedication to follow-up service, parts and repairs.

We are recognized in the field as a leader of AC & DC control systems by being an authorized service center for major manufacturers locally, nationally and internationally.

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Mitigating flicker

The European Metal Recycling (EMR) auto shredding facility in Birmingham, England had been struggling for years with an excessive flicker problem. The EMR facility’s 6,000-hp wound rotor motor, with an 11,000 volt primary, used an industry-standard electro-mechanical liquid rheostat control. They had explored many options but none could provide a satisfactory solution. 

SPR drive

The SPR (Slip Power Recovery) drive is engineered to replace the liquid rheostat on auto shredders. This technology is designed to increase an auto shredder’s productivity, lower energy costs and reduce maintenance. SPR drives are low maintenance, keep motor speeds near synchronous through load hits, and will regenerate the power and heat normally lost by liquid rheostats for use or sale.