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Midwest Bio-Systems


Address 28933 35-E Street, Sterling, IL, 61283, US
Phone 1-800-689-0714
Fax 1-815-438-7028
Email [email protected]

Midwest Bio Systems (MBS) provides high quality composting equipment, supplies, and expert guidance world-wide to create new income streams from your waste issues -- crop residues, manures, sawdust, food wastes, ground wood chips, metropolitan lawn waste (grass, leaves, shrub and tree trimmings), and the like. Our comprehensive approach, together with our sturdy, dependable, and long-lasting Aeromaster Compost Turners, water trailers, and compost tea extractors, puts waste management science and technology together into an unbeatable package for you.

Our Aeromaster compost turners feature advanced drum and tine design for superior material blending into peaked windrows, thorough aeration, and CO2 release. Peaked windrows form higher quality compost with a shorter production cycle. They also maintain internal windrow temperature and shed water better than windrows flattened on top.

The retractable drum assembly lifts out of the windrow hydraulically for windrow profile inspection and easy exit from the windrow. The hydraulically adjustable rear axle adjusts on the go six inches up or six inches down for optimum drum height when moving through the windrow. This also prevents an anaerobic layer from forming under the windrow.

Our mechanical watering system inoculates the decomposing materials with sufficient moisture for maximum biological activity and material breakdown into that all-important crumb structure inherent in highest-quality compost.

We bring manufacturing expertise, and state-of-the-art composting, consulting, and training experience to bear on waste issues world-wide! Visit our website at today. And yes, we do make high-quality compost ourselves!

PT-130 with water trailer

Aeromaster pull-type turners come in 10 foot, 11 foot, and 14 foot models.

Hydraulically retractable drum

All Aeromaster turners come equipped with a hydraulically retractable drum assembly.


PT-170 Aeromaster Compost Turner can handle more than 20,000 tons of finished compost per season


SP-170 Aeromaster Self-Propelled Compost Turner handles up to 2,670 cubic yards of material per hour

Water Trailer

Aeromaster Water Tanks and Inoculation Units come in a variety of water tank capacities

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