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Bateman Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and supplier of material handling attachments, and generators.  Our products are continually improving and evolving keeping us ahead of the competition. 

New at Bateman, along with our renowned and continually improving line of Grapple and Dangling Attachment line, is our continually expanding line of All-In-One attachments (integrated magnet) which now includes a light weight Waste-Mag, and our new line of fork racks which are stocked at our Shanty Bay, Ontario facility

Bateman Magnet Grapples (Mag-Grabs) are purpose built to provide 100% handling efficiency for incoming and outgoing material, with the ferrous metal sorting capabilities of a magnet.  The main body and tines are designed with great strength to survive tamping and packing loads and to withstand the extra load of the integrated magnet.  Bateman Mag-Grabs, with our new wide body design come equipped with internal hydraulic relief valves for jaw and cylinder protection. This grapple WILL stand up to your needs. 

 160S Mag Grapple Features

-  High torque heavy duty high capacity rotate bearing with 360 degree     continuous rotation.

- Fully protected easy access cylinder hoses

- Fully guarded high pressure cylinders

- Fully sealed internal slip ring assembly

- 5000 PSI working pressure

- Oversized pins with custom locknuts

- Heavy duty high abrasion resistant tines with thick backs, wear strips and heavy duty replaceable weld on tine tips

- Heavy duty lift magnet

- Supplied with jumper hoses and a custom pin-on yoke to fit your equipment.  

The Bateman DEMO-MAG (Demolition Magnet Grapple) is one of Bateman’s innovative ALL-IN-ONE attachments. This attachment combines the versatility of our Demolition Grapple with a durable magnet giving it the ability to maneuver material and separate valuable ferrous steel without changing out attachments. The Bateman Demo-Mag is guaranteed to reduce your labor costs for separating and increase your return on ferrous metal. This all-in-one combination Demolition Magnet Grapple is available for all classes of machines and can be customized to suit your individual requirement. The Bateman Manufacturing Demo-Mag is a great solution for metal separation and material handling.

Coming soon to Bateman’s line of ALL-IN-ONE attachments, the NEW light weight WASTE-MAG

Bateman designs and manufactures a wide variety of Fork Racks including Standard and High-Back Car Body Fork Racks, Adjustable Pallet Fork Rack, Wrecker Fork Rack, Pipe and Pole Fork Racks with Over Arm and Paddle Clamps, and High Back Fork Racks.  All forks are of certified welded construction and come ready to fit your equipment.  Bateman Fork Racks are supplied with Pin on Lugging or Quick Coupler hooks and are stocked at our Shanty Bay, Ontario facility.

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Picker Mag Grapples for auto recycling

Bateman Picker Mag Grapples are severe-duty grapples designed for vehicle dismanling and engine removal, with an integrated magnet for area clean up. The grapple comes equipped with Bateman’s Severe-Duty Rotator, providing powerful 360-degree continuous rotation and internal hydraulic relief. According to Bateman, utilizing the magnet will increase efficiency while sorting ferrous material, and also eliminates the need to carry a separate magnet, resulting in less downtime. The unit’s jaw bypass permits the grapple to tear out engines and pick up undersized objects such as radiators and catalytic converters, and jaws will open large enough to carry full vehicles to load crushers or shredders.

HYDRA-MAGNET latest all-in-one attachment

Bateman’s new HYDRA-MAGNET is a combination self-contained auxiliary powered magnet, and brushless, maintenance-free Hydraulic Generator. The HYDRA-MAGNET is engineered to easily and efficiently add magnetic function to excavators, and eliminate the need to install generators or cables on multiple machines. This makes it an excellent and flexible tool for fleet use with various machines, and an ideal tool for lower-duty cycle and occasional contractor use.  

Latest version of Demo-Mag combines grapple and magnet

The latest version of Bateman’s Demo-Mag combines the versatility of the company's Demolition Grapple, with a durable magnet for separating valuable ferrous steel. The Combination Demolition Magnet Grapple is a great solution  for metal separation and material handling. It is supplied with standard pin-on  lugging and can be used with pin grabber couplers.

Demo-Mag grapple

Bateman’s Demolition Magnet Grapple (Demo-Mag) is designed to improve material handling and separating metal from construction material and waste. The Demo-Mag is ideal for sorting various materials and removing ferrous metals without stopping to switch attachments, and the unit’s large jaws are great for moving all types and sizes of materials. Plus, because it has a built-in magnet, it allows operators the option of forcing the head through a pile to expose ferrous metal, which can improve the separating and sorting process.   

Grapple with electro magnet

Bateman’s new DemoMag features a demolition-style 3/2 bypass grapple with an electro magnet incorporated into the moving tine section of the grapple. Ideal for C&D processors and waste transfer sorting stations, these units allow operators to pull steel out of material while sorting. Units eliminate the need for manual sorting, or for operators to have to stop, hang a conventional magnet from the grapple, and go back through the material they just processed. Available in both 200 and 300 class excavator sizes, these grapples are matched with an eight kW Bateman hydraulic-driven, or engine-powered generator.

Motorized grapples

B6TD 7.6 m3 (10 yd3) motorized ship’s gear grapples feature a 567-litre hydraulic tank capacity, centre tower construction with T1 torque-resistant alloy steel for maximum strength and weight reduction, a quick connect tine system designed for quick removal for transport, dimensional loads, or for conversion to four tine operation from six.

Motorized ship’s gear grapples

B6TD 7.6 cubic metres (10 cubic yards) motorized ship’s gear grapples from Bate-man, an Ontario-based manufacturer, feature a 567 litre hydraulic tank capacity, centre tower construction with T1 torque resistant alloy steel for maximum strength and weight reduction, a quick connect tine system designed for quick removal for transport, dimensional loads and for conversion to four tine operation, from six. The engine on these units is an air cooled fuel efficient Deutz inline, four cylinder, turbocharged diesel rated at 72 kW (97 hp). Grapple cycle time is 28 seconds, and with a ship’s gear crane, production is 350 tons per hour. Open height is 2.56 metres (8’4”), closed height is 4.3 metres (14’10”) and outside width is 5.7 metres (18’7”). Other features of these grapples include: external mounted “Grapple Operation” indicator lights; lights for night operation; no-leak hose connections with easy access and less exposure to external damage; heavy-duty piston rods, pins and bushings; fully sealed connecting pins and bushings; mechanical stops in both tine open and tine closed position to maximize cylinder protection; fuel tank capacity of 189 litres; advanced hydraulics throughout; and a Hetronic radio remote control for emergency engine shutdown system and grapple open and close functions.

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