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Address 262 Pepin Street, Sherbrooke, QC, J1L 2V8, CA
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Sherbrooke OEM specializes in the design, manufacture, and integration of recycling and custom equipment. With experience in various sectors, such as wood, pulp and paper, mines and quarries, waste management, and sorting technology and recycling centers, we have all the expertise to meet our customers' needs.

Bag Opener

Sherbrooke OEM is the exclusive distributor for Matthiessen’s bag openers and film grabbers. These bag openers not only rip or split the bags, but also empty and meter the content onto a conveyor. Materials are separated and prepared for downstream sorting and picking processes without being shredded into smaller pieces. Matthiessen Bagsplitters also act as bale breakers or metering devices.

Apron Conveyor

The heavy duty "Z" shape of the steel plates ensures stiffness and offers a fairly airtight seal, limiting material spillage and warping over time. Steel plates are available in different thicknesses, based on the application.

The same applies for the drive chains: double or triple, the wheels and links will be sized based on safety ensuring prolonged use without special maintenance. Parts are all laser cut for the highest precision and for perfect assembly. Apron conveyors are available in different configurations: horizontal, inclined section, "S" shape, etc. The required traction system will be specifically selected for your application (based on the required tonnage and density of the material to be handled). Different optional components may be added to apron conveyors: heavy-duty feeding hoppers, automatic chain oilers, motors with automatic brakes to avoid the chain from going backwards, etc. Each conveyor is custom designed for your application.

Optical sorter

Thanks to the Eagle Vizion optical sorting units, the former process of sorting certain materials by hand can now be automated. In fact, thanks to Near Infra-Red (NIR) detection, different types of materials can be detected, recognized, and then separated. Colour-detection, metal detection and line-scan cameras are also available. With the new Quality-Control Eagle Vizion optical sorting unit, the ejected material no longer needs to be checked by a human: the unit will automatically do it.


Our trommels are comprised of two important sections: the rotating drum and the sub-structure/traction system. The trommel has a heavy-duty frame that makes up the structure of the drum. Diameters normally range from 4' to 12' and screening length varies from 12' to 45'; the final size is selected based on your type of application. Knowing how the rotating screen will be used is vital to choosing the critical parameters, such as the diameter (capacity), the length and angle of inclination (retention time), the size of screening needed (based on the desired product) and the rotation speed (optimizing the screening surface). As for the general design, our concept facilitates maintenance. In fact, the drum sits on drive wheels mounted on axles, such as for trucks, to facilitate access when maintaining pars. The sections of the rotating screens are interchangeable plates cut from superior hardened steel to minimize wear. Hence, should the size of the screen need to be changed, simply change the screens that fit into the frame of the drum


Our star-shaped screens (called "Stargears") are widely used for different applications to remove fine material, dust and earth. In fields such as construction, renovation and demolition (CRD), earth is removed to be reused as a non-structuring material or as cover material for landfills. When treating organic matter, only the organic matter - sand/earth and small pieces of glass - will be removed. As for selective collection (blue bin or "single stream"), only small pieces of fibre and plastic will be removed.

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