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Nanette Medved-Po

Founder at Plastic Credit Exchange

Nanette is the founder of Plastic Credit Exchange, Inc. (PCX), the first global non-profit plastic offset program that has built a community committed to seeking out the most environmentally sound solutions for plastic waste. PCX takes plastic pledges from companies around the world and provides ways to offset those footprints through credible post-consumer plastic removal and processing systems. Nanette is also the founder and chairwoman at HOPE. As an impact company, HOPE invests 100 percent of profits to improving public school education infrastructure, agriculture interventions for smallholder farmers, and environmental initiatives in both the plastic waste and carbon sequestration spaces. Nanette also serves on the Board of Trustees of the WWF Philippines and on the Board of Directors of Winrock International in Virginia. She recently received the NGO Leadership Award and Social Innovation Leadership Award from the Philippines Leadership Awards. She was also honored as one of Forbes' Heroes of Philanthropy.

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