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Automatic recycling system built for high-rise buildings

Automatic recycling system built for high-rise buildings
The NuReTec 3000 Automatic Recycling System is designed to work with just one chute and at the touch of a button. This system is available in a variety of configurations suitable for mid-rise and high-rise buildings, and is capable of removing nearly 60 percent of the solid waste that normally makes its way to a landfill. NuReTec 3000 allows for full recycling capabilities (including separate containers for various recyclables), while still preserving valuable square footage. “This system provides the best of both worlds,” explains Jim Gessner, vice president of Nu-Recycling Technology. “It gives building residents a simple and effective way to help protect the environment, and it gives building owners a system that’s easily installed and maintained and that requires little floor space.” With the NuReTec 3000 system, recyclables are kept in pristine condition in separate containers, ranging in size from 95 gallons to two cubic yards. With a control panel installed next to the garbage chute on each floor,residents select which container they’d like to open (garbage, paper or co-mingled) and the NuReTec 3000 automatically opens over the appropriate container. The recycling chute is able to deposit to the right, left or rear, depending on space availability and room layout, and the system can be installed in new construction as well as retrofitted into existing structures. The NuReTec 3000 system works with or without a trash compactor and equipment and assures compliance with various laws and ordinances.

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