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Rainwater recycling rain gutter guard

Rainwater recycling rain gutter guard
The Gutterglove Gutterguard is designed to be a strong and efficient, clog-free raingutter guard that can be used as a first stage filter for rain water recycling.

Drinking water filtration and fire-fight-ing reserves are just two of the applications of the Gutterglove system, which utilizes a patent-pending design that makes it virtually indestructible, yet units are easy to install and maintain.

Units will filter out pine needles and resist clogging up with this particularly dif-ficult to handle debris. Gutterglove uses a strong mesh that is very fine so that nothing gets through except clean water. Users only need to brush off the screen periodically with a long handle brush. Gutterglove can handle heavy amounts of rainfall (and has been proven in British Columbia’s rainforest climate, where a typical roof might capture approximately 20,000 gallons of water a season, enough to satisfy the fresh water needs of a family of four).

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