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Wire processor efficiently reclaims high-value copper

Wire processor efficiently reclaims high-value copper
The Prospector Wire Processor for scrap processing and recycling applications is designed to efficiently and effectively reclaim copper and aluminum from scrap electrical wire. Wire enters the granulation chamber through a hopper where the system grinds the wire using three rotating and two stationary knives. The chopped material then travels to a separation chamber via the enclosed air-flow system. In the separation chamber, the copper and aluminum is dry-separated from its plastic, PVC, or other insulation for clean, high-value #1 chops.

Equipped with a dust collection system and fully soundproofed, the Prospector adds no dust and minimal sound to its environment. Each unit is easy to move and install, is easily maintained, and has low power requirements. Four models are available for a throughput range of 200 to 2,400 pounds per hour.

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