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Container Tilter picks up and angles containers to 90 degrees

Container Tilter picks up and angles containers to 90 degrees
The 90 degree Container Tilter from New Zealand manufacturer A-Ward, is designed to allow containers to be removed from trailers and tilted from horizontal to a 90 degree angle, safely from a distance. At a full 90 degree tilt, the container can be filled with up to 30 tons of product, and for extra safety, all four cylinders are fitted with pressure control safety-lock valves in case of hydraulic failure. Both front and rear container locks have two locking points on each side.

The dual ram design on these tilters allows trailer height variation at a deck height of 43 inches to 54 inches above ground. Plus, adjustable wheel guides allow for a variation of the trailer wheels outside dimensions of 95 inches to 101 inches.

The loading angle of a container can be altered as product height is increased for improved control. This increases loading productivity and safety as well as maximizes product loading weights.

With a remote operator control unit, the tilting operation can be done safely from a distance with no chains or off-centre loads, and feathering control levers aid with fast container alignment. These units are self contained, with a 13-hp petrol engine, a 3,000-psi hydraulic pump and oil reservoir, and an optional battery starter.

For container support, at the 90 degree fully tilted angle, the base of the container is completely supported on each of its corners for minimal container damage.

A 20-foot and 40-foot 45 degree Container Tilter is also available, with many of the same features, and with capacity up to 40 tons of product.

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