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Pipe-less aeration floor

Pipe-less aeration floor
The dramatic cost increases in resin pipe, stainless steel and fuel inspired the development of this “pipe-less” aeration floor, now called the Comp-Dog. The design relies on the structural holding capacity of compost and a removable and reusable form. Raw compost is placed on top of the CompDog and allowed to settle for 12 to 24 hours. Then the form is removed and the void space (tunnel) that remains is used as an aeration plenum, replacing the need for resin pipe above grade. ECS spent eighteen months of field trials and research finalizing a design that can withstand the rough service found at compost facilities. CompDogs are constructed of heavy coated and double walled polyester material. They can be made to any length up to 90 feet long. Units eliminate resin based above grade pipe, and the associated labour and maintenance involved with its process. Since the CompDog is removed with the first 24 hours of operation, there are no pipes in the way when it’s time to move a pile.

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