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ASSOCIATION UPDATE: Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

About 100 attended CARI’s first Electronics Recycling Workshop in Bar-rie, Ontario, on May 3. Attendees heard from various speakers from Environment Canada, Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC), SGS Systems & Services Certifi cation, and the Recycling Council of Ontario, who provided an Ontario update on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. These presentations can be found at The Quebec chapter also recently met at a one day seminar near Montreal on May 15. The day’s attendance was around 70 people and the seminar included presentations and networking opportunities. Sessions offered delegates insight on environmental concerns, the workers compensation system, end-of-life vehicle management in Quebec, and the North American Cargo Securement Standard.

~ Both CARI national and the BC Chapter responded to a recently proposed by-law to regulate dealings in scrap metal from a BC working group. In its final form this by-law is intended to be presented for adoption for each municipality in the GVRD and the Fraser Valley. The Chapter used a BC lawyer to review and prepare a response to the working group. CARI has outlined several problems with the by-law but expressed its willingness to continue to work with the working group to create an appropriate and effective solution.

~ New British technology removes zinc before steel is recycled - Meretec, a British company with a full-scale facility operating in East Chicago, Indiana, has developed a patented technology that removes zinc before steel is recycled, according to a recent press release issued by CARI. This method creates two valuable products: a premium-grade black scrap called Meretec Meltstock and a valuable zinc particulate. Meretec officials plan to attend upcoming annual CARI functions in Lake Louise and Toronto. (

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