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German-made self-contained separator available in N.A.

US Shredder now offers a new line of proven metal separation technology and equipment, manufactured by the German company, TORATEC Recycling Solutions. EcoSort technology and equipment is designed for high levels of quality, technology and flexibility, and is now installed and maintained in North America by US Shredder. These new sorters can be fed by belt or a cost-effective slide operation. With a variety of widths (600 to 2,400 mm) the metal sensors used provide simple integration into an existing plant. According to Tigner, “The EcoSort makes the most effective use of the latest sensor technologies, low air consumption using the most efficient valve series and feature air conditioned and dust proof modules and cabins. The unique modular and compact design of the system makes the sensors affordable and easy to install.

The lower cost of the systems will make the technology affordable to operations who previously delayed adding a similar system to their operation due to the cost. There is even a completely mobile, self-contained system for processing at multiple sites.”