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Cascades launches Bioxo Oxo-Degradable polystyrene foam containers

Cascades launches Bioxo Oxo-Degradable polystyrene foam containers
Cascades Inc. out of Quebec, recently officially launched Bioxo, the first product line of containers made from totally oxo-degradable polystyrene foam. Manufactured by Cascades, Bioxo containers are specifically designed to degrade within three years, unlike traditional polystyrene foam containers which can require several hundred years to degrade. “We are extremely proud to introduce this major innovation in response to wishes expressed so often by consumers and the agri-food industry,” stated Mario Plourde, President and COO of Cascades Specialty Products Group (SPG). “Bioxo is the culmination of extensive research, a lengthy development process and exhaustive testing to confirm the product’s performance.”How does Bioxo work?Bioxo is the result of the addition of TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives), developed by the Canadian firm Environmental Technologies Inc. (ETI), out of Vancouver. TDPA technology is designed to speed up the oxidation/biodegradation process by fractioning large molecules in plastic into smaller, more easily degraded molecules. Additives are mixed into basic plastic resins at the time of manufacture to give them specific degradation properties, without compromising safety or utility.

After use, if the product is discarded, it begins to undergo oxidative degradation much faster than traditional plastic products. Oxygen, together with heat, UV radiation or mechanical stress fragments the plastic material with its TDPA additive into a fine powder, which bacteria and other micro-organisms can digest. TDPA can be incorporated into a variety of products including: polyethylene-based plastic products (PE), including all kinds of plastic bags (trash, garbage, kitchen, fresh produce, transport), as well as thin-walled food containers; polypropylene-based plastic products (PP), including various refrigeration containers, transparent food bags, most bottle corks and some food packaging; and polystyrene based plastic products (PS), including several kinds of disposable cutlery, food packaging, and protective packaging.

The line of Bioxo products poses no hazard for human health or the environment. Cascades has received a letter of non-objection from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States for Bioxo to be used in direct contact with food. A distinctive label appears on all Bioxo products to inform consumers that they are using a container that contributes to environmental protection. Cascades has obtained exclusive Canadian and US rights for many years to use the TDPA process developed by EPI. Because Bioxo products are safe and effective, they respond well to public environmental protection concerns.

“Bioxo confirms Cascades’ role as a leader in environmental protection,” says Mario Plourde. “We were the first to commercialize CFC free polystyrene foam in 1998. Sustainable development has been one of our guiding principles throughout 40 years of developing and manufacturing products.”

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