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Company discovers formula to turn waste plastic to fuel

Company discovers formula to turn waste plastic to fuel

Moinuddin Sarker, Ph.D., MCIC, and VP, Research & Development for Natural State Research Inc. (NSR) recently announced the discovery of a unique formula to make liquid fuel from waste plastic. Dr. Sarker and his team of research chemists have developed a formula to take most types of plastic and turn them into liquid fuel. 95 percent of the plastic is turned into liquid fuel while the remaining 5 percent can be used as a substitute for coal with a higher BTU value.  

In today’s world this new discovery has a triple benefit, according to NSR. First, plastic that would normally end up in a landfill will be down cycled. Second is the benefit of the fuel itself, for automobiles, trucks, aircraft and electricity that will be created in the process. Third, plastic manufacturers can proceed with new and innovative plastic manufacturing techniques without worrying about the ramifications of their products becoming waste in landfills. No matter how the NSR technology is used, an organization will benefit from “carbon credits” predicated upon the elimination of the waste plastic and the reduction in dependence on fossil fuels.  

NSR has successfully handled most types of plastics and on a commercial scale a conversion plant will ensure zero emissions. Plastic materials tested by NSR include, but are not limited to plastic bags, water bottles, milk containers, and a wide variety of PVC materials.    

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