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Two-ram scrap baler

Two-ram scrap baler
The Galaxy2R two-ram baler includes a multi-purpose door that serves as a bale-separator to enable the user to switch products quickly, a bale-release to eject oversize bales, a bale-clamp to form a square end on the next bale, and a bale-sizer for creating a variety of bale dimensions.

Capable of baling 25 to 35 tons of aluminum and a range of other recyclables per hour, these balers utilize two 100 hp motors and a 12-inch main cylinder to generate 220 tons of ram pressure. The design ensures the production of high-density bales exceeding 1,875 pounds, and results in maximized loads for export shipping containers.

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P.O. Box 1798
Vernon, AL
US, 35592-1798


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