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Two-ram scrap baler

First unit sold in the UK

Two-ram scrap baler
The Galaxy2R two-ram baler was recently introduced into the UK. The unit was sold by 3r Environmental Technology to Pearson’s Recycling of Norfolk County in eastern England. “This is a very significant step forward for 3r Environmental Technology,” said Steve Almond, 3r Sales Director. “We are delighted to work with Pearson’s Recycling and to introduce the first Galaxy2R into the UK.” The NEXGEN Galaxy2R two-ram baler has a number of unique features and benefits including a multi-purpose door that serves as a bale-separator to enable the user to switch products quickly, bale-release to eject an oversize bale, bale-clamp to form a square end on the next bale and bale-sizer for a variety of bale dimensions. Capable of baling 25 to 35 tons of recyclables per hour, the machine utilizes two 100 hp motors and a 12-inch main cylinder to generate 220 tons of ram pressure. The design ensures the production of high-density bales exceeding 1,875 pounds. The result is maximized loads for exported shipping containers.

The baler is suitable for a number of applications including waste management and recycling companies, material recovery facilities, transfer stations and distribution centres. Pearson’s Recycling, one of the UK’s market-leading independent waste management and recycling companies, will use the machine for processing plastic, cardboard, plastic bottles, paper and aluminum cans.

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