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Wheel wash system

Up to 60 vehicles per hour

Wheel wash system
Ideal for landfill and construction sites, the new Cyclonator Wheel Wash is designed to prevent trucks and heavy equipment from tracking dust, mud, rocks and debris onto public streets. Installed near the site exit, this portable system reduces street cleaning costs, as well as complaints from neighbouring residents and businesses.

As soon as a vehicle is driven onto the wheel wash system, an electronic eye triggers the system to start cleaning. Two 150-gallon per minute pumps flush mud and rocks off the tires and undercarriage. Its robust, galvanized, painted steel construction handles vehicles up to 30 tons, at 60 vehicles per hour.

Sludge and rocks washed off the tiresdrain into a centre trough where a conveyor removes the debris. Wash water is recycled to nearby retaining ponds or a tank to reduce water usage and sewer costs as well meet local regulations.

Also available, the Cyclonator III wash rack, automatic self cleaning filtration system has a large 850-gallon stainless steel settling chamber with inclined plate sheer walls. The Cyclonator III is easy to maintain and use with one-button operation. Mud from the settling chamber is automatically conveyed to an external self dumping hopper for easy recycling or disposal.

Cyclonator III can be used with an existing sump or above ground steel wash racks. The modular, customizable, closed loop design prevents ground water contamination and allows for expansion. A robust, stainless steel structure ensures years of corrosion-free and trouble-free operation.