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Methane mapping

System for landfills


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400 boul. Montpellier
Montreal, QC
CA, H4N 2G7


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The growing concerns about Greenhouse effect gases requires a closer monitoring of the methane releases of every landfill sites. The new MapMethane system maximizes landfill area coverage and reduces the monitoring costs allowing the operator to survey the field in a vehicle.

The Mapmethane system is designed to address the needs of landfill engineers for mapping methane concentration within an area for compliance testing. The system quickly records methane concentration measured using a Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and GPS coordinates as it is moved around the landfill. Fully portable, these units can also easily be carried around the field housed in a standard backpack.

The storage interval of the data logger is programmable and can be started and stopped at will by the operator. Collected data can be downloaded to a computer and can be exported for more meaningful concentration mapping.

These units are lightweight, autonomous, and can be adapted to any type of methane analyzer equipped with an analog or digital output.