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Upgrade, rather than trash, old computers

Upgrade, rather than trash, old computers
With more than 10 million computers dumped in landfills each year, one computer company is trying to combat the problem... by urging consumers to upgrade their existing computers, rather than buy new ones.

UpgradeDetect, produced by GoldenRAM, is a new program that can analyze and show upgrades for any computer for free just by visiting the company’s website. “There are far too many people throwing away perfectly good computers because they think they need to buy a new one in order to have all of the latest gadgets, programs and accessories.this is not true,” said Chris Zomaya, president and founder of GoldenRAM. “Upgrading your existing computer is a less expensive and more eco-friendly way to do it.” The National Recycling Coalition in the U.S. has projected that by 2007, computers will be replaced in an average of two years, and 500 million personal computers will have become obsolete. This is not good news for our landfills.

Computer equipment is a complicated assembly of more than 1,000 materials, many of which are highly toxic, such as chlorinated and brominated substances, toxic gases, toxic metals, biologically active materials, acids, plastics and plastic additives.

The average computer has a lifespan of less than two years, and hardware and software companies are constantly generating new programs that fuel the demand for more speed, memory and power.

UpgradeDetect is working to help prevent this surmounting problem. After analyzing a computer, or a whole system of computers, the company will recommend upgrades and offer them for a low cost. A service technician can come to any site, often within 24 hours to install any upgrade necessary.