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Multi-purpose bucket

Versatile attachment

Multi-purpose bucket
The PowerGrip is a multi-purpose pin-on attachment bucket designed for demolition applications, material handling, land clearing and a range of other construction applications. Units are designed as durable tools that can act as a clamshell bucket and thumb for gripping and loading. When used in combination with a Helac PowerTilt swing attachment, users can achieve excellent manipulation of materials. A variety of models are available for excavators and backhoes up to 45,000 pounds. Units are lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with quick couplers. Features include: enclosed moving parts; constant operating speed; 120 degrees of jaw movement; consistent jaw clamp force through full grip range; and a holding force approximately four times that of the clamping force. A variety of tooth options and bucket widths are available.

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225 Battersby Avenue
Enumclaw, WA
US, 98022


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