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Office recycler

Fits under a desk

Office recycler
The Duo Recycler is designed to replace conventional waste baskets for office recycling programs. The container has two compartments for easy source separation of trash, plastic, and recyclable office paper, and the unit’s footprint is approximately that of a conventional waste basket.

The smaller compartment on the Duo Recycler holds cans, plastic, string, and other office waste for daily disposal. The larger, main compartment accumulates paper for efficient, weekly collection. Duo Recycler’s paper compartment is designed for easy, one-handed emptying and eliminates “digging” paper out of the bottom of a disposal container.

For the recycler, the unit reduces post collection separation of contaminants that interfere with an efficient, profitable program. The Duo Recycler is also 100 percent recyclable and made from 100 percent recycled material. Units are moulded of polyethylene and ABS, and are designed to reduce contamination of recyclables at the source and fit out of the way, under a desk.