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Aerated floor systems

Completely customizable

Aerated floor systems
The AirFloor is a patented in-floor aeration system which provides air through a concrete floor to the composting material. The finished surface allows heavy equipment to drive on and scoop off the floor with no risk of damage to the aeration pipes. AirFloor is designed to be simple to install and maintain, is corrosion-resistant, will minimize blockage, and doubles as a leachate collection system, eliminating the cost of drainage.

These systems allow aeration for composting, biofilration or product curing and drying. They use standard PVC piping and are completely customizable, allowing users to change the distance between aeration pipes and the hole spacing and sizing, as required for different projects.

The top of the Airfloor can be used during construction to ensure that concrete is level. Holes are drilled after construction is complete, ensuring that all pipes stay clean. The AirFloor can also be used in a number of ways, from aerating a static pile to aerating an agitated bed or in-vessel system, or even for distributing odours through a biofilter. “We offer traditional biofilters for odour control, however we are very excited about the new non-thermal plasma odour control offered by AirPhaser,” says Dr. John Paul, Transform Compost Systems’ President. “The new AirPhaser system for odour control is capable of destroying odour causing compounds in a compact unit. This means we no longer have to build composting facilities on large remote sites.”