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One-ton bags

Transport bulk quantities

Designed to provide contractors with the capability to transport bulk quantities of crushed stone, sand and gravel, this new line of One-Ton Bags will move up to 2,000 pounds of bulk material.

One-Ton Bags provide contractors with a cost-efficient, labour-saving solution by alleviating time-consuming manpower normally spent relocating mass amounts of product. Strong Man’s versatile One-Ton Bags are constructed from high-quality, tightly woven polypropylene. They can be employed to efficiently transport sand, mulch or construction debris from the warehouse or stockyard to remote areas on any job site, while maximizing labour savings. Four reinforced lift loops are permanently attached, allowing the 35-inch by 35-inch, by 47-inch-high bags to be top-lifted by crane or forklift for fast, pinpoint delivery. The One-Ton bags are packaged in bundles of 20 for easy distribution. They are easy to store and handle with standard equipment.