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Major public-private partnership initiative projects possible recovery of 1 billion pounds of recyclables

Ball Foundation latest funding partner

Major public-private partnership initiative projects possible recovery of 1 billion pounds of recyclables

The Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) recently announced a major public-private partnership initiative. The Recycling Partnership, unveiled at the Walmart Expo on April 30, 2014, is a nation-wide project that will combine outreach and infrastructure improvements to boost recycling rates in the U.S. The project's first-year focus will be on the southeastern part of the U.S., with the effort currently in the partner-building phase, and activities expected to begin this July.    

“We are excited with the initial verbal and fiscal support of this fast-paced, action-focused public-private partnership,” said Keefe Harrison, CVP executive director. “CVP has a long track record of increasing the recovery of recyclables and we’re confident this project will contribute even more results.” 

The concept originated in December 2013 through the Southeast Recycling Development Council and later became known as SERDC 120. CVP is proud to take ownership and manage the initiative now known as the Recycling Partnership.   

On Monday June 9th, CVP announced its newest funding Partner, The Ball Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Ball Corporation. Ball joins the Alcoa Foundation, American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association, the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, Carton Council and Coca-Cola in supporting The Recycling Partnership. CVP says more partners are expected to be announced before the July 1 project implementation date.  

“We believe the Recycling Partnership is one of the most innovative and solution-based programs in the country,” explains Jim Peterson, vice president of corporate affairs at Ball Corporation.  “It has the opportunity to become a game changer for recycling in the U.S.  It’s technically sound, fast paced, and designed for measurable success.”  

“Kudos to Ball,” said Keefe Harrison, Curbside Value Partnership’s executive director. “They’ve been a part of the development of this Project since the beginning, working to shape its action-focused approach. We’re happy to have them as an official Partner moving forward.”   

Project work will begin in July following an announcement of the finalized list of Partners and the identification of initial cities selected for partnership. By seeding granted dollars, providing technical assistance and coordinating education efforts, the Partnership is designed to use one-time investments for long-term returns of material.  

“We believe the Recycling Partnership is one of the most innovative and solution-based programs happening in the country,” said Beth Schmitt, CVP board chair and global manager, sustainability and recycling, for Alcoa. (Alcoa Foundation announced a $300,000 grant for the Recycling Partnership at the Walmart Expo.) “This has the potential to change the game in the Southeast and potentially the U.S.”  

The Recycling Partnership will develop programs that create the four key elements of successful recycling: 

1) Access
2) Public and government support
3) Regional coordination
4) Strong outreach and education  

Multi-stakeholder engagement across the initiative will be a key component to success. CVP is continuing to look for additional interested funders to expand the scale more quickly.

“We’re hopeful that many other companies are going to not only voice support, but also generously commit to the Recycling Partnership over the next month and beyond,” said Harrison.   

“As Walmart formally announced at the Expo, we are committed to increasing recycling rates across the country,” said Rob Kaplan, director product sustainability for Walmart. “We support the thoughtful and action-driven approach of the Recycling Partnership and believe it will be successful. There is a lot of work to be done and we feel like this grant-based technical assistance program will be an important parallel path to the Closed Loop Fund.”

The Recycling Partnership is a new initiative for CVP. CVP remains committed to its existing model and programs, and will continue to work with partner communities to improve residential recycling through strategic education.    Companies interested in getting involved in the Recycling Partnership and CVP to impact recycling rates in a meaningful way should contact Keefe Harrison at [email protected].   

The Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) is a 501(c)(3) organization designed to grow participation in curbside recycling programs nationwide. It is the only current national program that engages all recycling stakeholders (including government, private industry, haulers and materials recovery facilities) to identify solutions to improving curbside recycling programs through education and data analysis.

CVP’s goal is to launch and study education programs to increase participation in local curbside programs, and make programs more profitable and sustainable. The program is currently funded by members of the Aluminum Association (Alcoa, Tri-Arrow Aluminum and Novelis), Can Manufacturers Institute (Ardagh Group, Ball Corporation, BWAY Corporation, Crown Holdings Inc., Metal Container Corporation, Rexam, Silgan Containers Corporation, Sonoco-Phoenix Inc and the Van Can Company), as well as the American Chemistry Council and International Bottled Water Association.

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