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Call2Recycle Canada highlights strongest year yet in 2023 annual report

Over the past year, Call2Recycle achieved a new collection milestone by diverting nearly 6 million kilograms of batteries from landfills
Over the past year, Call2Recycle achieved a new collection milestone by diverting nearly 6 million kilograms of batteries from landfills Unsplash

Call2Recycle Canada has released its 2023 Annual Report. The report highlights 2023 as Call2Recycle's best year yet, including record-breaking battery collections, a significant expansion of its collection and infrastructure network, and new strategic partnerships strengthening Canada's battery recycling sector.

Over the past year, Call2Recycle achieved a new collection milestone by diverting nearly 6 million kilograms of batteries from landfills, pushing Call2Recycle's total program collections to over 45 million kilograms since its inception. This surge reflects both the growing popularity of batteries and Canadians' increased commitment to recycling.

To support this increasing volume of batteries collected, Call2Recycle expanded its program infrastructure, implementing cost-effective program management across its operations. The organization added over 2,000 new battery collection sites across Canada, deployed battery pickup services in new regions, and welcomed over 20 new battery transporters, sorters, and processors into its network, achieving a 33 percent increase in sorting and processing capacity. These efforts not only improved the program's efficiency but also the program's environmental footprint.

Call2Recycle continued to highlight best recycling practices and regulatory harmonization across provinces, securing approval for several stewardship renewal plans in British Columbia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, and positioning itself for upcoming EPR programs in Nova Scotia in 2024 and Alberta in 2025.

In recognition of the fast growth of the electric transportation market, Call2Recycle established itself as a battery recycling partner for Canada's e-mobility and electric vehicle (EV) sectors, including being appointed by auto manufacturers to develop and administer the EV Battery Recovery program in Quebec, an EV battery recovery service ensuring that eligible EV batteries are managed and recovered.

Innovation, engagement, and safety were central to Call2Recycle's efforts to enhance its program efficiency and the experience for consumers. The organization maintained the highest safety and operating standards by achieving ISO 9001 certification. It also launched technologies including North America's first smart battery collection container, and unveiled its new consumer brand, Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!.

"Thanks to our dedicated members, collection partners, municipalities, provincial governments, and all Canadians, 2023 was a landmark year in driving safe and responsible battery recycling in Canada," said Joe Zenobio, president of Call2Recycle Canada. "Building on our successes, we will continue leading new innovative recycling technologies and public education efforts, and building up the necessary infrastructure to support ambitious waste diversion goals and targets from coast to coast. We are more than ever committed to fostering a sustainable circular economy for Canada and contributing to net-zero emissions."

Call2Recycle's achievements in 2023

5.8 million kilograms of batteries were recycled by Canadians and collected by Call2Recycle in 2023, surpassing the 45 million kilograms mark in total collections since its inception in 1997.

The national collection network expanded to over 12,000 collection locations, providing convenient battery recycling access to 90 percent of Canadians within 15 kilometres of their home.

In recognition of the growing volumes of used batteries recycled across Canada, Call2Recycle increased its overall battery sorting capacity by over +33 percent.

Call2Recycle moved recycling technology forward by launching a "smart" battery drop-off container.

The organization launched a new national consumer brand, "Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!", to increase recycling awareness and engagement from Canadians.

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