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(VIDEO) PALFINGER's HT hooklift series prioritizes operator safety


PALFINGER has brought its next generation of heavy-duty hooklifts to North America. Serving industries such as construction and demolition, waste removal, recycling, landscaping, municipalities, and more, the new HT Series includes: 

  • HT 400 hooklift with a 40,000-pound lifting capacity
  • HT 500 hooklift with a 50,000-pound lifting capacity
  • HT 660 hooklift with a 66,000-pound lifting capacity 

Engineered for the needs of the North American market, these hooklifts are designed with a strong emphasis on safety, comfort, and durability. All HT Series models come equipped with removable and adjustable container slides, allowing users to accommodate various container lengths.

"The HT Series is designed with the operator in mind, featuring advanced technologies that simplify operations and enhance productivity. We're focused on stability, ease of use, and safety," says James Hanson, director of sales, hooklifts, and cable hoists for PALFINGER North America. "When we demonstrate the HT Series to operators, we can see we've addressed common key pain points in the design of the HT Series Hooklifts."

The HT Series hooklifts have several key safety and stability features:

  • New subframe design: Enhances stability, especially during tipping operations, providing a secure environment for handling heavy loads. Key components include: 
    • X-Beam: Increases resistance against chassis torsion, extending the vehicle's lifespan.
    • Front cross beam: Minimizes interference with truck engine and gearbox components.
    • Improved mid-cross and rear cross beams: Strengthen overall stability.
  • Low-profile bogie system: Allows for a reduced transport height for enhanced load stability and operator comfort.
  • Enhanced hook arm design with a new safety latch: Offers greater strength for easier hook height adjustment and smoother engagement with container bars, ensuring increased safety. The safety latch securely locks the container baler into the hook, preventing bouncing or accidental disengagement.
  • Adjustable lock system: Enhances safety and compatibility with all variations of manufactured bins, offering a secure fit regardless of bin type. 
  • New remote control for ease of use

Designed to boost productivity, the HT Series simplifies operations with the new PRO ACTIVE DRIVE (PAD) remote control. This allows drivers to load and unload containers without leaving the cab. The remote control can be customized for operational add-ons such as auto tarp systems, salt spreaders, and snow plows. 

Optional features include:

  • Automatic cycle: Enables loading and unloading with a single joystick push.
  • Rapid motion: Increases extension speed by 30 percent for empty containers.
  • Wireless remote control 

"Our customer-centric approach drives us to develop products tailored to the evolving needs of our customers in the region. The HT Series exemplifies our commitment to creating exceptional solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of our customers' daily operations," says Ismael Daneluz, vice president of sales and service at PALFINGER North and Latin America.

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