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How Carl Gustaf Göransson looks to revitalize Lindemann Metal Recycling

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The new LINDEMANN strategy is hinged on triggering transformations on three levels. Lindemann Metal Recycling

Ex-CASE Construction Equipment global president Carl Gustaf Göransson's latest challenge lies with LINDEMANN.

Having navigated various industrial sectors, Carl Gustaf Göransson established a reputation for innovation and reinvention and developed an understanding of what makes global capital equipment markets tick. And now this laid-back and approachable Swede has a new challenge.

His latest endeavour sees him at the helm of LINDEMANN Metal Recycling. The company has designed and produced shredders, shears, and presses used in the metal recycling industry for over a century. Today, it operates in more than 20 countries. In a recent interview, Göransson shared his vision for revitalizing the brand.

The new LINDEMANN strategy is hinged on triggering transformations on three levels. Firstly, it aims to take the best from LINDEMANN's engineering and transform it for success in the technological age. Secondly, it focuses on transforming the industry, by giving recyclers the means to achieve ideal levels of profitability. Finally, the new strategy hopes to transform society by helping communities lower their carbon footprints and drive the circular metal economy. 

Upon assuming the role of CEO in September 2023, Göransson wasted no time in identifying key areas for improvement. Acknowledging LINDEMANN's heritage and its recent struggle for visibility under previous ownership, Göransson set out to reignite the company's spark. His best-practice strategies are helping reshape LINDEMANN's sales process, delivering a recycler-centric experience.

Recognizing the role of technology in driving efficiency, Göransson has ensured that key platforms SAP and SalesForce are properly embedded in the organization; technologies that are laying the foundation for streamlined operations and enhanced customer engagement.

"Structure and lean processes are vital in order to become a high-performance company and utilizing SAP and Salesforce are important elements of achieving this," says Göransson. "By marrying the agility of a small company with the tools of a larger enterprise, LINDEMANN is poised for rapid growth, while preserving its entrepreneurial spirit."

Central to Göransson's vision for LINDEMANN is a commitment to quality in product and service delivery. Bolstered by a team of professionals, Lindemann aims to position itself as a strong choice in metal recycling. Embracing a recycler-centric approach, Göransson emphasizes the importance of leveraging feedback to drive innovation and refine offerings.

Looking ahead, Göransson has plans for market expansion and diversification. With a strong foothold in Europe, LINDEMANN sets its sights on penetrating the burgeoning markets of the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

"At LINDEMANN we have an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship," says Göransson. "As the world grapples with the imperative of sustainable resource management, we are poised to lead the charge, leveraging our technological expertise to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource efficiency."

With a blend of strategic foresight, deep engineering understanding, and a commitment to excellence, Göransson is aiming for LINDEMANN's resurgence.

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