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Improved operator comfort, safety the culmination of SENNEBOGEN cabin updates

The empty cab of a material handler

Since the operator spends many hours in the cab daily, SENNEBOGEN has prioritized operator comfort in its updated maXcab. The maXcab is designed to make working in the machine as pleasant and easy as possible for the operator. The cab update rounds off the new features of the G-series.

Comfort and climate seat

In addition to the back-friendly comfort seat with air suspension adapted to the driver, individual ergonomic adjustment options such as adjustable armrests and optimally positioned controls ensure maximum comfort while driving. The optional air-conditioned comfort seat also contributes to this.

Comfort audio system

Noise is an omnipresent problem that machine operators are exposed to daily. The new SENNEBOGEN Comfort Audio System offers the solution: its active noise cancelling technology can reduce harmful noise by up to 50 percent while providing a high-quality communication system. The optional SENNEBOGEN radio helmet enables easy communication with workers outside the machine via radio. There are no annoying cables, as the radio can be charged via a USB cable. In addition, ambient noise is muffled by the microphone.

Air conditioning and airflow

The SENNEBOGEN maXcab utilizes a large number of air nozzles. A total of 10 built-in air glands ensure even air circulation and a well-tempered workplace – whether in summer or winter.

Driver support through safety cameras

Important operating parameters and clear text displays of error messages for quick troubleshooting are visible on the camera display. SENNEBOGEN says that the driver is supported in their work by safety cameras. The operator can monitor the danger zone via the monitor system in the cab. In addition, the retrofittable Backeye360 camera system with its four cameras detects people and eliminates blind spots. A wide range of safety guards for every application provides additional safety for the driver, while bright LED headlights ensure safe working even in difficult lighting conditions.

Driver amenities

The cab is often not only the driver's workplace but also their own personal space. Because of this, SENNEBOGEn has added a sun visor, which provides improved visibility and protection from dazzling sunlight. The 12V, 24V, and USB charging sockets make it easy to charge electronic devices directly in the cab, while an integrated cool box keeps drinks and snacks cool even in hot outside temperatures. Entertainment and safety for the driver are provided by the built-in radio, which has Bluetooth and USB functions in addition to an integrated hands-free system.

At IFAT 2024

Check out the maXcab at IFAT 2024 in Munich with the 822 G, 824 G, and the 826 G machines at SENNEBOGEN's IFAT 2024 booth.

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