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The Global Recycling Foundation names Mike Mackay as a Recycling Hero

A Despray Environmental aerosol recycling facility
A Despray Environmental aerosol recycling facility Despray Environmental

The Global Recycling Foundation has named Mike Mackay, managing director of Despray Environmental in the Netherlands, as one of the ten distinguished recipients of the Recycling Heroes 2024 award. This recognition celebrates Mackay's contributions to advancing aerosol recycling technology.

Mike Mackay has spearheaded Despray Environmental's recycling initiatives. Under his leadership, Despray Environmental has recycled over 560 million aerosol cans, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices. Mackay's approach ensures the capture of 100 percent of the propellant greenhouse gases and liquid waste, both of which are utilized for waste-to-energy processes. What remains is a dense brick of metal, achieving a remarkable 100 percent recycling rate.

"Mike Mackay's dedication to advancing aerosol recycling technology sets a precedent for environmental stewardship," said Ranjit Baxi, founding president of the Global Recycling Foundation. "His pioneering efforts epitomize the spirit of the Recycling Heroes award, demonstrating the transformative power of sustainable practices."

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