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Viably named exclusive North American distributor for Harp Renewables' aerobic biodigesters

A biodigester at a facility
A Harp Renewables biodigester Viably

Viably has become the exclusive North American master distributor of Harp Renewables' line of food waste biodigesters.

With the growing urgency to divert food waste from landfills, Viably's recent introduction of Harp Renewables' biodigesters represents an impactful advancement. These organic waste biodigesters aid food waste recovery but also reduce landfill contributions. This aids in managing the escalating issue of landfill space scarcity and substantially diminishes greenhouse gas emissions associated with organic waste decomposition. 

This increase in landfill waste diversion is a step towards achieving sustainable food waste management goals. By transforming food waste into a significant size and volume-reduced end-product, these biodigesters are aiding with waste management practices in the hospitality, healthcare, and corporate sectors.

On-site food waste recycling

The Harp Renewables aerobic biodigesters are an on-site machine ideally suited for organizations where corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance initiatives play a pivotal operational role. These organizations include hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and large corporate campuses seeking on-site, closed-loop systems to manage their food waste responsibly. In addition, these biodigesters help organizations meet ever-increasing legislative requirements, including California Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383).

These biodigesters reduce the weight and volume of food waste by up to 75 percent in just 24 hours without the use of water. They can process food waste continuously at a range of 220 pounds to 5.5 tons daily. These biodigesters meet U.S. EPA regulations for food waste pasteurization and processing and create little environmental emissions in organic waste processing. The biodigesters offer a tangible carbon offset opportunity, enabling businesses to track their positive environmental impact meticulously with in-depth onboard reporting.

Through exclusive distribution across the United States and Canada, Viably ensures the availability of Harp Renewables biodigester.

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