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Call2Recycle Canada boosts collection safety with new smart battery recycling container

A man and a girl put old batteries into a collection container
Call2Recycle's smart battery recycling containers help minimize risk and enhance program safety. Call2Recycle

Call2Recycle has launched its smart battery recycling container under its new Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! brand. Call2Recycle says that it is the first to bring this recycling solution to North America.

Call2Recycle developed the smart battery recycling containers in consultation with global recycling organizations. The new devices help minimize risk and enhance program safety, operational efficiency, and collection site convenience. The new Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! logo and graphics are employed to improve public education and battery recycling awareness, which Call2Recycle says will lead to an increase in critical metals recovered from these batteries in Canada.

"At Call2Recycle, we believe in making battery disposal more responsible, safe, and convenient for Canadians nationwide," said Jon McQuaid, vice president of marketing, communications, and innovation at Call2Recycle Canada. "Our new consumer brand, Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! coupled with the launch of our innovative smart containers, reinforces this commitment. We are excited to welcome Canadians to the new face of battery recycling, where responsibility meets innovation."

Call2Recycle says that the smart containers utilize an intelligent system that increases battery collection safety through remote monitoring. This feature alerts collection sites to any increase in temperature, helping to mitigate the risk of a thermal event.

Sensors in the containers remotely monitor the fill level and notify program managers when a pick-up is required. Designed with a focus on reusability, these containers reduce the need for the manufacturing, shipping, recycling, and disposing of individual boxes and materials, significantly reducing waste and the program's overall environmental footprint.

The new smart battery recycling containers will be placed in public locations throughout Canada starting in February, providing accessibility for individuals to collect, protect, and drop off their household batteries responsibly and safely. With the prominent inclusion of the "Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!" brand and a QR code, Canadians will gain access to safety and program information.

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