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Agromin receives $10 million grant to expand compost facility capabilities

Compost piles at an Agromin site
Compost piles at an Agromin site Agromin

Agromin has received a $10 million grant from CalRecycle's Organics Grant Program to help communities turn more of their food waste and yard waste into compost.

CalRecycle's Organics Grant Program is a statewide effort to expand and build new organic recycling facilities, allowing more waste to be recycled instead of ending up in landfills where it emits greenhouse gases.

"The grant funds will help Agromin move forward on expanding our composting facility at Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO. "We're currently processing over one million tons of organic waste a year. Once the expansion is complete, we'll be able to boost that amount to almost 300,000."

Agromin's site sits on 15 acres and accepts only yard waste. Plans are for it to expand to 70 acres and receive food waste as well.

A push to increase organic waste recycling and the use of recycled organic products accelerated under California Senate Bill 1383. The bill requires that the amount of green waste placed in landfills be reduced by 75 percent by 2025 from 2014 levels. Jurisdictions are required to obtain recycled organic products (such as compost and mulch) made from green waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. These materials can then be used in public areas and by farmers, landscapers, and residents.

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