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SodaStream and TerraCycle partner to offer free recycling program

A lineup of SodaStream bottles and a sparkling water maker
A SodaStream E-Terra sparkling water maker SodaStream

SodaStream has partnered with TerraCycle to introduce a free recycling program to consumers. The program provides the ability to recycle SodaStream sparkling water makers.

"This partnership with TerraCycle marks a significant step in our sustainability journey, and we're proud to team up with another organization committed to reducing single-use plastic waste and building a greener planet," says Mark Fenton, chief business officer at SodaStream North America. "Together we are offering consumers a free, convenient, and eco-conscious solution to recycle their SodaStream sparkling water makers while creating a positive impact by keeping waste out of landfills to make a difference for our planet."

Participants can download a prepaid shipping label and return their SodaStream to TerraCycle. Once collected, the sparkling water makers are cleaned, separated by material type, and then reduced into material that can be remoulded to make new recycled products.

"SodaStreamers now have the unique opportunity to responsibly retire their well-used sparkling water makers after a long life of eliminating single-use plastic waste," said TerraCycle CEO and Founder, Tom Szaky. "Through this program, SodaStream is taking action to ensure that with each sparkling water maker recycled, more plastic waste is kept out of the environment, even at the end of the product's lifecycle."

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