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City of Barrie utilizes compost from residential collection to win pumpkin growing contest

People stand near a giant pumpkin for a photo
This year’s golden winner of COMPOST’S GIANTS was found in the City of Barrie’s pumpkin patch. Compost Council of Canada

Organics recyclers who are part of the Compost Council of Canada can take part in the annual COMPOST'S GIANTS pumpkin growing contest. This year, the City of Barrie grew the winning pumpkin of 375.5 pounds. The pumpkin was tended to by the city's organics recycling staff who utilized compost created from the residential organic residuals collection program.

This win has made the City of Barrie a multiple-year award winner. As part of the win, the City of Barrie will receive $500 in prize money to be donated to a local community gardening initiative.

"Bravo to the City of Barrie and all their residents for their winning commitment to organics recycling and great quality compost, delivering great rewards in so many ways – from fighting climate change and creating valuable organic matter for the health of our soils to supporting cleaner water, wiser use of natural resources, and biodiversity protection," said Susan Antler, executive director at The Compost Council of Canada. "And hearty congratulations to every Canadian who recycles organics – whether at home, work, or play – all true winners for our environment, healthy soil and our commitment to a greener, healthier future."

A big round of applause is also extended to the City of Brandon's CQA compost which was used to nurture the 283.5-pound golden globe in the competition.

COMPOST'S Giants is branded as a "friendly-but-competitive" competition to focus attention on the benefits of organics recycling. The Compost Council of Canada supplies the pumpkin seeds to make sure that the competitors are on an even footing. This year, competitors were given two seeds from pumpkins over 1,000 pounds.

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