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PLASTICS expands Operation Clean Sweep to help reduce plastic resin pollution

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The launch of OCS Blue Verification brings a new level of rigour and transparency to the more than 500 facilities in the U.S. Adobe Stock Images

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) have launched Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Blue Verification, a new program designed to further the plastics industry's goal of keeping plastic in use and out of the environment. The launch of OCS Blue Verification brings a new level of rigour and transparency to the more than 500 facilities in the U.S. under the OCS Blue program through an external, facility-level inspection program.

Operation Clean Sweep was founded by the Plastics Industry Association in 1991 and is managed in partnership with the American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division. The program is dedicated to helping companies move toward zero plastic resin loss and is active in more than 60 countries worldwide. OCS members in the U.S. represent a diversity of the plastics value chain, ranging from companies making and distributing plastic to transportation companies moving plastic and processors manufacturing final products.

"Preventing pre-production plastic from entering the environment is a top priority for PLASTICS' members and the entire industry," said PLASTICS President and CEO Matt Seaholm. "OCS Blue Verification underscores this commitment and ensures all OCS Blue members are held to rigorous management practices while working towards a future where all plastic remains in the circular economy."

OCS Blue's required management practices demonstrate significant leadership in industry-led, voluntary stewardship to protect the environment, preserve water quality and wildlife, and strengthen worker safety. OCS Blue Verification is a new mandatory requirement for all material suppliers and processors in OCS Blue and is uniquely available to OCS Blue members in the U.S.

To become OCS Blue Verified, a facility must demonstrate that it has successfully implemented 29 required management practices ranging from risk assessments to comprehensive employee training and data reporting. OCS Blue Verification inspections will be conducted by trained and approved OCS Blue Verifiers that meet eligibility requirements. The first verification cycle extends through the end of 2025 and continues every three years moving forward.

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