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Sennebogen expands steel assemblies manufacturing capacity with new plant

An aerial photo of a steel plant
Sennebogen's new steel plant in Litér, Hungary Sennebogen

Sennebogen has opened a new steel plant by the name of ermelés-Logistic-Centrum GmbH in Litér, Hungary. The plant will expand Sennebogen's manufacturing capacity for steel assemblies and welded constructions.

This 315,000 square foot (29,000 square metres) manufacturing facility and office complex was built on a 32-acre site about half an hour's drive from the first SENNEBOGEN steel plant in Balatonfüred. The ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held on May 26, 2023. In attendance was shareholder Walter Sennebogen and the Managing Director of the site, Michael Seiferling, together with the Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó and MP Károly Kontrát. 

"Termelés-Logistic-Centrum GmbH is our most important supplier of steel assemblies," said Walter Sennebogen. "With this greenfield investment in Hungary, we are not only expanding our capacities to meet the growing demand but also building reserves for the future." 

Designed for handling large and heavy components up to approximately 98 feet long (30 metres) and weighing in at 50,000 pounds (25 tonnes), this production facility will produce 40,000,000 pounds (18,144,000 kilograms) of steel structures per year in its current configuration. Its warehousing, work preparation, and intralogistics are geared towards particularly large components and will deliver increased capacity. Significant investment was also made in modern machine tools and machining centres for mechanical processing as well as flame and laser cutting.

In the new facility, every step of the production process was considered. To complement the manufacturing process, an ergonomic welding area for the production of welded structures was created, as was a paint shop equipped to the latest standards.

"With the new plant, we are supplementing our previous steel component production capacity in Balatonfüred. The locations are also logistically connected via plant traffic," says Managing Director Michael Seiferling.  

According to Walter Sennebogen, the sustainability aspect also played a key role in the design of the new location: "The plant is equipped with a photovoltaic system with an output of 2.4 megawatts so that it will be energy self-sufficient with the electrical power generated from its PV system. The office building is also heated with energy-efficient underfloor heating and the production hall with low-temperature heating via concrete core activation."

"We were thrilled to learn about this investment when it was first decided over 2.5 years ago and today this is going to allow us to continue to meet customer expectation in terms of meeting the market demand," adds Constantino Lannes, Sennebogen president.

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