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Liebherr delivers material handler to Illinois-based Middle River Marine

They key to a material handler is handed over to its new owners
Liebherr's LH 110 Port litronic material handler is handed over to Middle River Marine. Liebherr

Primarily serving the Illinois and Northwest Indiana markets, Middle River Marine (MRM), has taken delivery of Liebherr's LH 110 Port litronic material handler at its largest terminal in South Chicago. MRM will use this large machine for handling material, such as pig iron, to then be transported by rail, truck, or barge across the U.S. 

The Liebherr LH 110 Port litronic material handler

The LH 110 Port litronic was designed to handle scrap and mixed cargo in port handling operations. The machine offers a high load-bearing capacity as well as a long reach. The machine is weight-optimized allowing for ideal operation and performance at a low cost. 

MRM opted to equip their machine with a shorter boom-stick combo and chose a clamshell attachment for easier handling of aggregate. The LH 110 also comes equipped with the latest Liebherr technology, allowing MRM to adapt the machine to the respective needs of each individual project.

Handover of the LH 110 Port litronic

To celebrate this handover, MRM hosted over 60 attendees at their 80-acre terminal site to recognize the new addition of its fleet of over 15 Liebherr machines. This event allowed local contractors and peers to connect and network as well as display many of the Liebherr machines MRM has acquired over the years including multiple L 586 XPower wheel loaders. 

Throughout the event, various visitors spoke highlighting the strong familial relationships and values held by each organization in attendance, followed by a luncheon and on-site tours of an MRM boat as well as the terminal grounds equipped with Liebherr equipment. Liebherr's variety of offerings within the earthmoving and material handling product segment provides MRM with a full line of specialized equipment for all of their individual terminal sites and port application needs. 

Middle River Marine is a fully integrated bulk material logistics service provider that serves the construction materials, agricultural products, and industrial commodities bulk markets in Chicago. MRM transportation services include road, rail, and water transport. The company currently offers 10 river terminal locations throughout Illinois as well as a transportation network to provide ideal transport and supply chain planning.

"We are extremely excited to partner with Liebherr to expand our fleet and handling capabilities to better serve our customers," says the President of Middle River Marine, Aaron Halcomb. "Liebherr has become a trusted partner in business to ensure we have dependable, capable, state-of-the-art equipment to meet the rigorous demands of our business." 

Each of MRM's locations, including the 80-acre South Chicago terminal where the event took place, offers a variety of bulk transportation services including marine barging and towing, material and aggregate storage, material handling, material inventory management, railcar loading and unloading, transloading, and truck loading and unloading. Each terminal site also offers a variety of Liebherr equipment depending on incoming and departing cargo transport.

Middle River Marine – a family business

Middle River Marine operates as a subsidiary of Ozinga, a fourth-generation family-owned U.S.-based business providing concrete, bulk materials, energy solutions, and transportation logistics throughout the Midwest and Florida.

"We are proud to be here today, celebrating each of these organizations and the impact they make," said Aaron Ozinga, President of Ozinga Ventures. "Our partners continue to showcase excellence and advance our mission and core values of serving others and our local communities." 

Ozinga as well as their subsidiaries have acquired approximately 50 Liebherr machines throughout the last decade.

"MRM's newly acquired LH 110 . . . is the result of a trustful, reliable, and successful cooperation between multiple family-owned businesses. Middle River Marine, Ozinga, American State Equipment/Finkbiner, and Liebherr have continued to share the same values and expectations for more than a decade," said Kai Friedrich, managing director of Liebherr USA, Co. "The continuously growing fleet underlines the success and durability of this remarkable relationship. We are proud of the joint achievements and look forward to future growth." 

Liebherr's dealer network 

Liebherr USA offers earthmoving and material handling machines custom engineered for special applications. Liebherr also offers a large dealer network to support earthmoving and material handling contractors with sales, service, and spare parts needs across the U.S. This network provides fast support through Liebherr dealers.

Based in Illinois and Northwest Indiana, Finkbiner Equipment Company serves as a subsidiary of American State Equipment (ASE). ASE is one of Liebherr's largest and oldest dealers, with a relationship that goes back approximately 50 years.

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